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Our mission is to provide businesses with more sustainable and affordable inventory solutions that reduce environmental impact, to help track paper-based, single-use items for a more circular economy.


We've developed chipless, metal-free, paper RFID tags. These novel tags do not require metal extraction and are cheaper and compatible with existing recycling methods. Our innovative laser technology induces a conductive circuit directly onto paper, streamlining the manufacturing process and eliminating the need for metal and silicon components. It significantly reduces the environmental footprint of RFID tag production as a result.

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Our Mission

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Our Team

CEO Chloe So leads the long-term roadmap and execution of PulpaTronics and manages the day to day operations. She worked for a venture capital startup accelerator in NYC focused on consumer goods and retail tech, and has helped over 15 startups find product market fit. She is passionate about exploring novel materials for a more circular world.

CTO Barna Soma Biro is the lead of our technological research and prototyping. His main expertise lies in developing innovative design solutions inspired by biological systems, and conducting iterative experimentation utilising the scientific method. He strongly believes in the value of designing with the living environment in mind.

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Chloe So

Co-Founder & CEO

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Barna Soma Biro

Co-Founder & CTO

Past partners

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