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What is RFID?

Have you ever wondered how your clothes magically scan onto the cash register at an auto-checkout store? RFID technology is what enables this to happen.


RFID tags are simple electronic circuits that enable product identification and tracking through radio signals. The technology is widely adopted in commerce, transportation, and logistics, and it has helped drastically improve accuracy and efficiency. In retail, RFID tags are embedded in clothing price tags to help with inventory management, theft prevention and checking out. 


Our Technology

We've developed chipless, carbon-based paper RFID tags. These novel tags are metal-free, cheaper, and compatible with existing recycling. Our innovative laser technology induces a conductive circuit directly onto paper. This approach streamlines the manufacturing process, eliminates the need for metal and silicon components, and significantly reduces the environmental footprint of RFID tag production as a result.


PulpaTronics has the potential to reshape the RFID industry by making RFID technology more sustainable and cost-efficient. Our big vision is to make smart identification technology more accessible and sustainable by starting with simplifying over-engineered RFID tags, one tag at a time. 

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